But I know there is someone in heaven who will come at last to my defense. Even after my skin is eaten by disease, while still in this body I will see God. Job 19:25‭-‬26 GNT

Apart from knowing God personally, life is usually full of uncertainty, without clue and without hope. However, Your ultimate security in unstable times remains your personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

No doubt, your job may be lost, your health may fail, your business or your marriage may crumble. In short, ‘everything’ else in your life may be lost, but it is certain your Redeemer cannot be taken from you. Even in the darkest hour of the night, there is still hope that the new day shall soon break. For weeping may endure till the night, but joy comes in the morning.

If *you* don’t give up, if *you* don’t loose your faith in Christ Jesus, no matter what your life might have been reduced to, yet from this body you will certainly see God transforming your entire life and make it whole again. My fellow pilgrim, there is still hope for your future. May the LORD God help you to keep your faith and hope alive in Jesus till He comes to brighten your life and make it whole again. Good morning.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola