For the mountains shall depart And the hills be removed, But My kindness shall not depart from you, Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,” Says the Lord , who has mercy on you. Isaiah 54:10 NKJV

When the unimaginable happened, when expectations are dashed and great hopes are forfeited, the natural response includes fear, panic, worry and anxiety. These natural instincts when allowed to overwhelm us can lead us to doubt or cause us to disbelief the ability and the capacity of God to save and deliver from the apparent troubles.

Ironically, there is no better time to experience the presence of our God and the steadfastness of His love than the time of crisis; when all the things, institutions and people we so much trusted to provide us security fail us. Until we are left with nothing else to trust and anyone to run to for safety from impending dangers, we will not know how great, steadfast and faithful our God is.

Frankly, all human confidences shall fail but when all other things could no longer support and sustain us, our God does not. While it is the nature of God to correct and rebuke His children for sins, it is also certain that He will not cast us off because of His steadfast love.

Therefore, be encouraged and braze up in hope; the future is still very bright in spite of all the traumas, disappointments and injustices you have experienced.

Don’t give up yet! Stop worrying, restrain yourself from complaining but stay your hope only on Jesus Christ. Only with Him you can survive, stand and win that battle. Only Jesus can lift you up from the heap of ashes and crown you with glory eventually. May the Lord help you to be strong, resilient and courageous till the end. Good morning.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola