After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave his twice as he had before. All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came  and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble that Lord had brought on him, and each one gave him a piece of silver and a gold ring.” Job 42:10-11

This day, the Lord shall restore all your fortunes and give you twice as much as you had before. All your siblings and everyone who had sympatized or pitied you before shall come to celebrate with you with valuable gifts in their hands.

The Lord God shall give  comfort in the place of all the troubles you might have experienced in the course of the year. The Lord shall give you abundant blessings that will surpass the seemingly loss of the former years. Good morning and enjoy your season of divine restoration on this Boxing Day.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola