When King David was settled in his palace and the Lord had given him rest from all the surrounding enemies, 2 Samuel 7:1 NLT

Truly speaking, God is not a man that would lie, and not a word from His mouth would fail. Every promise of God is true, trustworthy, reliable, and would eventually come to pass in His time. The passage of time, changing circumstances and the pain of long-term waiting cannot make God change His mind or render His promise invalid.

At the appointed time, by His means, God will certainly fulfill His promise. Divine establishment and profound peace will surely be the portion of everyone who had faithfully walked with God. The rest that God gives to those who patiently wait on Him is usually a deep sense of contentment and security. When God gives you His peace, no one can disturb it or take it away from you.

Has God given you any promise? How long have you been trusting and waiting on God for its fulfillment? What are your current situation and your present condition? Does it seem to you that God has forgotten, forsaken, and abandoned you? Have you started to consider an alternative way?

Don’t give up yet! The Lord is coming for you. At His coming, is the fulfillment of His promise. This will happen at the time when you least expected it, at the period everyone might have written you off. God cannot fail nor disappoint you, wait on Him. Just at the breaking of the dawn He will come and settle you in the place He has promised you and He will give you rest from all the enemies around you. May the God of all grace equip you with sufficient grace to steadfastly wait for Him till He comes. Good morning and do have a peaceful day.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola