But one of them, a Pharisee named Gamaliel, who was a teacher of the Law and was highly respected by all the people, stood up in the Council… he said to the Council, fellow-Israelites, be careful what you do to these men. And so in this case, I tell you, do not take any action against these men. Leave them alone! If what they have planned and done is of human origin, it will disappear, but if it comes from God, you cannot possibly defeat them. You could find yourselves fighting against God! The Council followed Gamaliel’s advice. Acts 5:34-35, 38-39 GNB

Whatever plan, work or any pursuit that is not engineered by the Spirit of God and driven by Divine energy will surely come to nothing no matter how popular, attractive and seemingly successful it may appear in the beginning. But any vision, task, project, venture or journey that comes by God’s revelation and initiative is bound to prosper at last even though it may look impossible at the beginning due to oppositions, setbacks and difficulties you’re likely to face.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged, if where you are right now and what you are doing right now is orchestrated by the Lord, every obstacle will turn to the stepping stones, every sorrow will turn to joy, every lack will turn to surplus, rejection turn to approval and every frustration will end in rich fulfilment, not by your efforts, energy and strength but by the GRACE of God alone. Good morning.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola