And at the end of ten days their features appeared better and fatter in flesh than all the young men who ate the portion of the king’s delicacies. Thus the steward took away their portion of delicacies and the wine that they were to drink, and gave them vegetables. Daniel 1:15‭-‬16 NKJV

You are what you eat. Both your physical and spiritual health condition is a function of your diet. What appear like a risk of life initially to Daniel, his three friends and the official of the king who was given the responsibility for feeding them has not turned out to be a great blessing to them all.

Likewise, you also cannot experience unusual favour from God and man until you are determined to do the unusual. Compromise with the world system at best can only keep you at the worldly level.

On the contrary, when you resolve in your heart to separate yourself from the world and consecrate yourself fully to God, God also will not be unkind to you but will definitely show you uncommon kindness that will place you under divine watch care for a healthy and prosperous life. May the Lord grant you the grace to love Him above all earthly values. Good morning and do have a blessed week.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola