“You have also delivered me from the strivings of my people; You have kept me as the head of the nations. A people I have not known shall serve me. The foreigners submit to me; As soon as they hear, they obey me. The foreigners fade away And come frightened from their hideouts.
II Samuel 22:44‭-‬46 NKJV

God’s purpose for our creation, redemption in Christ, and for keeping us still in this world is to exhibit His glory through us thereby accomplishing His redemptive plan for mankind globally. To qualify us for this noble task, God will take us through different warfare. The reason for this is that champions are not products of the biological birth process, they are made through several battles they have fought and won.

If you too desire to become a champion, you cannot seek exemption from certain oppositions in life. The struggle against the opposing forces is not necessarily about you. Rather, it is all about God and His plans for mankind which He has chosen you to accomplish.

When the trials come, God does not want you to be intimidated, fearful, and jittery to lose perspective. Instead, you must stand your ground in Jesus Christ alone. As long as you remain steadfast, confident, and remain faithful to God, the Lord Jesus Christ to whom you belong and whom you serve will certainly deliver and preserve you from every onslaught of the enemy. He will raise your head above all the nations, crown you with His loving kindness and make all those who hate you surrender to you and serve you.

So, may the Lord help you to remain strong in the faith and steadfast in hope as He prepares and equips you daily to fulfill His purpose both for your creation and redemption in Jesus’ name. Good morning and do have a triumphant week.

Your brother,