Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. So Moses thought, “I will go over and see the strange sight – while the bush not burn up. When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look. God called over to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” And Moses said, “Here I am”

Exodus 3:1-4 

As we progress in the journey of the year 2020, be aware that God is with you regardless of what your experience may be. He knows the exact time and place He had planned to intervene and bring meaning into your life by turning things around for your favour. 

However, the intervention of God may seem to you like an interruption. Never mind for that’s how He does His works. So, don’t despise  divine encounter in any form or time it happens. Know that God is in the midst of every ‘strange’ event you will experience or you are already experiencing. He does all of that in order to reveal Himself, His purposes and His ways to you as the year goes by.  

But then, until God sees you turning aside from every distraction and the mundane things of the world which has occupied your time, your energy and your resources He will not continue to speak to you. And except you hear from God, you will remain in delusion and continue to grope in the darkness.  

As you rise to go out today, I pray you will not miss every divine activity deliberately orchestrated by the Lord to show Himself to you at every stage of your journey this year and that you will not fail to give God your full attention in order to experience divine redirection into His plan for you. Good morning and do have a joyful day. 

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola