He is our God; we are the people he cares for, the flock for which he provides. Listen today to what he says: “Don’t be stubborn, as your ancestors were at Meribah, as they were that day in the desert at Massah. There they put me to the test and tried me, although they had seen what I did for them. For forty years I was disgusted with those people. I said, ‘How disloyal they are! They refuse to obey my commands.’ I was angry and made a solemn promise: ‘You will never enter the land where I would have given you rest.’ ” Psalms 95:7-11 GNB

Your ability to hear God speak to you is directly related to the receptiveness of your heart. Likewise, the fulfillment of the Word that is spoken to you from the Lord is determined by the readiness of your heart to accept, believe, and do exactly what the Lord has told you.

Delayed and selective obedience are no obedience at all. What God requires of each of His children is to act promptly the moment He speaks.

Hearing the Word of God and not putting it into practice is tantamount to testing God. The consequence is that you forfeit what God has promised.

On the contrary, when you summon courage and humble yourself to do whatever He tells you to do, at the time He asks you and exactly the way He had commanded, you are bound to experience the performance of His promise. May the Lord give you a tender heart that is swift to hear Him speak and willing to obey Him regardless of the cost. Have a happy and blessed Sunday.

Your brother,

Olufemi Babalola